“Are global developments coming? China: We should prepare for the most critical moment in the country’s history”

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We are living through a prolonged period of redistribution of power. The war in Ukraine is not a simple affair, not only because the Ukrainians are resisting strongly, with the help you offer them, but because what is happening in the east of Europe concerns and affects all the great powers of the planet. “Ukraine is the trigger for unpleasant developments at the global level”, notes Ioannis Baltzoi. The retired lieutenant general and president of ELISME was the guest in the Newsbeast studio. “We are on alert. There must be concern. Concern over the use of tactical nuclear weapons as well. I cannot fathom how strategic nuclear weapons could be used. There we go to Armageddon. In total destruction,” he says on the podcast. “There is fear. There is a concern that this war may develop into a Third World War.” It was the seasoned military man’s answer to whether we are close or far from a general conflict. In the Ukrainian territories, based on the responses coming from the war […]
Source: News Beast

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