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Stop everyone, this is the news we have all been waiting for: Timothée Chalamet and Lily Rose Depp could be a couple again.

The rumors became more and more insistent after the two were spotted for the umpteenth time walking through the streets of New York. They were in complete solitude, it is true, but a few meters away from each other. A coincidence that – to those who saw them – seemed too bizarre for a city of that size.

Faced with a possible flashback among the actors, there was no shortage of comments from the most avid fans:

Ok, let’s make a small recap of this hypothetical heated soup which, however, I would gladly eat even if it was 40 degrees outside:

Timothée e Chalamet e Lily Rose Depp they fell in love in 2018 on the set of The King, the biopic of Netflix in which he plays a young man Enrico V, she his sweetheart Catherine of Valois. The film had its world premiere during the summer of 2019 at the 76th Venice Film Festival, where the magnetic gazes on the red carpet had revealed that between the daughter of Johnny and the golden boy of Hollywood there was more to it than just friendship.

The photos together between Paris, New York and especially Capri – remember the cringe kiss between the two turned into a meme? – had confirmed the love story.

Be careful though, because between the two it seems to have ended in April 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown. In fact, only a few months later, he seemed to have bonded again with an actress: the Mexican eiza Gonzalez:

No comment from the ex-girlfriend who, however, promptly removes the follow from him Instagram:

Too bad that between Tim ed Eiza it seems to have been over for some time. Between sets – he in those of Dune e Don’t Look Up, she in Voyagers e Crisis – the passion could be reborn. Usually, sightings don’t lie, but we just have to wait to get the definitive confirmation. Summer is upon us and we dream of seeing them together again – restrictions permitting – clinging to one Yacht that of Capri.

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