Quarantine voyages between New Zealand and Australia open on April 19

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Travel between New Zealand and New Zealand will begin on 19 April Australia without quarantine, as announced today by the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

She said the conditions for opening free quarantine trips with Australia were met.

“The success of our team in managing COVID-19 but also in keeping it out [της Νέας Ζηλανδίας] “In the last 12 months, now, it gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones and resume our travels through Tasmania,” the New Zealand prime minister told a news conference, according to AMPE.

“The travel bubble through Tasmania is the beginning of a new chapter in our COVID management and recovery, for which we have worked hard. This makes New Zealand and Australia relatively unique. “I know that our families, our friends, but also important parts of our economy will welcome it, as will I,” Ardern said.

Some other neighboring countries have developed plans for special travel zones, but the agreement between New Zealand and Australia is among the first to include diagnostic tests for COVID-19.

About 568,000 New Zealanders live in Australia, according to 2018 figures – about 2.3% of Australia’s population – and they are the fourth largest minority in the country.

Earlier today, it was reported that New Zealand could open its borders to travelers from Australia by the end of the week, according to 1NEWS television, without citing the source of this information.

The televised report came as Ardern was expected to announce the start date for trips to Australia, without the obligation to remain in quarantinea after the escalating pressure from the companies to open the border.

The so-called “travel bubble” will prevent travelers from visiting certain areas in the event of a COVID-19 transmission outbreak in Australia and this is expected to apply separately by state, according to what the television station broadcast.

Both Australia and New Zealand managed the COVID-19 crisis more successfully than other developed countries after closing their international borders to foreign nationals and permanent residents early enough during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, The Australian writes today, citing the government and sources in the tourism industry, that travel without quarantine between the two countries may begin on April 12 or 19.

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