Argentina: 13-year-old girl died because of a “challenge” on TikTok

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A 13 year old girlin Argentina was found dead in his home on January 13, after having “suffocating” in the TikTok. The little girl was hanged from a makeshift noose, local newspaper El Litoral reported.

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Also known as the “blackout challenge” it encourages those who accept it to suffocate until they pass out. Experts have warned that this can lead to fainting, brain damage, seizures and worse..

Soto is not the first child to perish from this ‘death challenge’. Over the summer, several UK children, including 14-year-old Leron Brown and 12-year-old Archie Battersby, reportedly died for the same reason.

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Soto had previously attempted the challenge two other times, but failed to remove the noose from her neck on the third attempt. “The third time, she couldn’t get the rope off her neck,” her aunt, Luke, said of the fatal incident, which was reportedly caught on camera.

Soto’s motive for attempting the deadly challenge is still unclear, however, her aunt claimed the student had received a WhatsApp message with the link to the challenge attached after she was first bullied at school.

Source: News Beast

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