“Delusions of grandeur”, says former roommate about US deputy son of Brazilians

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A former roommate of the elected representative in the United States, the son of Brazilians, George Santos said the fabulist legislator showed signs of “delusions of grandeur” during their time living together in New York City.

“The truth has finally come out,” Gregory Morey-Parker told Don Lemon at CNN .

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Lawmakers from both parties, including several prominent New York Republicans, demanded that Santos resign after it was revealed that he had repeatedly lied about his resume and identity.

So far, the GOP House leadership has refused to participate in those calls.

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Morey-Parker who shared an apartment with Santos for a few months, said the future GOP member of Congress made a series of claims about his life and personal finances that “did not seem viable” and that Santos “would go to bars with rolls of banknotes.” hundred dollars, and three days later I would have no money.”

THE CNN reached Santos’ attorney, as well as his congressional spokesman, for comment.

Santos’ former roommate also said that he thought Santos was lying about several things, such as his personal wealth and academic record, but began to doubt himself after the campaign.

“I kind of assumed he made it up about going to Baruch and going to NYU,” Morey-Parker said.

“But then I thought, well, maybe I was wrong, you know, after the election, because I’m sure the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) and RNC (Republican National Committee) would have investigated him and at least his opponent would have I did some opp (opposition) research.”

Asked about his claim that Santos appeared wearing a scarf stolen from him at a now-infamous January 5, 2021 rally and speech, Morey-Parker said the allegedly cut tie was not his main concern.

“He is one of the highest elected officials in the country. He is responsible for making the laws. Yes, I miss my checkered Burberry scarf, but at the same time that’s why I feel like they’re not focusing enough on the issues at hand,” Morey-Parker said.

“Where did all that money come from to finance the campaign… the whole thing is quite strange to me.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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