ARMY cancels the drama ‘Tomorrow’ and causes the fall of the series on Netflix

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tomorrowthe Korean fantasy drama of MBC airing on Netflix, generated high expectations since it was announced thanks to its star-studded cast including Rowoon, Kim Hee Seon, and SF9’s Lee Soo Hyuk, ranking as one of the shows lovers favorite k-dramaswho have praised the plot for portraying sensitive issues such as suicide.

However, recently the success of tomorrow had a hard setback due to the discontent of thousands of Internet users and fans of BTS who claim that the drama offended two members of the most popular Korean group of the moment.


In various forums and social networks, the screenshot of one of the scenes from chapter seven of tomorrow. In the image, a form can be seen in which deceased souls must enter their name and date of birth to enter the afterlife.

Eagle-eyed viewers noted that not only V’s name was on the list, but also his date of birth, which although the year was changed from 1995 to 1971, the day and month corresponded with the singer’s. In the next line, although the name was different, the date of birth used corresponds to that of the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook.

Tomorrow scene capture with name of BTS members

According to ARMY claims, name by which the fans of BTS, they believe that it has been intentional and that the reference insinuates the desire of death the two idols of BTS, because the reason for the death of both characters was “murder”, which further outraged the fans.

They also pointed out the alleged feud between BTS and MBCafter the Korean network was accused of using its influence to “get revenge” on the group for not appearing at its festival Gayo Daejeon. Fanatics and even experts, claimed that MBC had barred BTS’ label mates TXT and GFriend from their 2019 year-end music festival in retaliation to the group.

Screenshot of tweet about Tomorrow scene with name of BTS members

After the controversy, this Tuesday a representative the drama said that the production team tomorrow “I had no specific intention of using the names of BTS staff” and that the similarity of the birth dates of two members of the group, V and Jungkook, was simply a coincidence and that there was no intention of disrespecting the group.

They are just a combination of numbers, and there was no intention behind them.

– Representative of tomorrow

Tomorrow vs BTS


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