Artemis I: NASA’s Historic Mission Rocket Arrives at Launch Pad

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The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft arrived at the launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday morning. The devices will be used on the Artemis I mission – an audacious NASA project that will take objects to the Moon.

The rocket and spacecraft were transported connected to the launch tower by means of the “Crawler-Transporter”, an immense crawler vehicle. The 6.7 km journey took nearly 10 hours to complete.

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“In the coming days, engineers and technicians will configure systems on the platform for launch, which is expected to take place from August 29 at 8:33 am (local time), with a two-hour launch window,” NASA said.

Artemis I will take Snoopy, Alexa and Apollo 11 items to the Moon

NASA’s Artemis I mission won’t take any humans to the moon, but that doesn’t mean the Orion spacecraft will be empty.

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Inside Orion will be three mannequins, toys and even an Amazon Alexa, as well as historical and educational items.

The mission — which will kick off the Artemis program, with the aim of eventually taking humans to the moon again — continues a tradition that began in the 1960s of NASA spacecraft with souvenirs. Tradition includes the Voyager spacecraft’s gold record and the 10.9 million-name Perseverance rover microchip.

The Artemis 1 mission will carry 120 kilograms of souvenirs and other items in its official flight kit.

Source: CNN Brasil

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