The best gym ever! They sell grenache in a gym and it’s a complete success

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Our readers are very fitness but they are also girls who enjoy good food, they give themselves permission to eat a little of everything because they exercise and because life is and should be a balance in everything. Do not believe it? Really, we can not be with so many restrictions, the most appropriate for health is to eat balanced and do physical activity to keep us more than beautiful, healthy.

However, there are those who take this a little to the extreme. Through TikTok we learned about the case of a gym where a woman started selling garnachas so that “protein is not lacking”.

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they sell garnachas in the gym

To the surprise of many of us, what seemed like a simple meme turned out to be true. The user John Calderon published a video with the famous sound of SpongeBob that says “We painted the whole house and without dropping a single drop of paint that is not… What is that?!”, where we can see a normal gym, with people training when suddenly the image focuses on a woman who is at her fryer and table preparing garnachas.

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Of course, this clip unleashed the laughter of all Internet users, who, by the way, did not believe that it was real. The images became so popular that many commented and shared the video through other social networks, mentioning that it was the gym perfect, with excellent food service to recover strength when leaving. Others commented “In case my pressure drops.”


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We do not know the real reasons why they sell these delicious foods right in the gym facilities, if it is a litmus test to motivate themselves and not fall into temptation or simply they had a good idea to join both businesses and save rent or, better yet, if the real reason is that after having lunch a chubby, they put on their lycras and to exercise has been said!

Source: Okchicas

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