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Artificial Intelligence, we tried these functions (very easy and revolutionary) directly on the smartphone

“Artificial intelligence” it has now become a pop expressionmany people mention it, it is discussed, we read about it everywhere, but is it really changing our lives? We tried to answer this question using some new devices that integrate AI functions.

As always, technology becomes disruptive only if it is simple to use, if it responds to practical needs, if it is useful and accessible. And artificial intelligence is, certainly, one of these technological expressions: we are talking above all about theGenerative AIthe one capable of creating content, partially replicating human abilities.

Artificial Intelligence for Translations

Imagine not speaking foreign languages ​​well. Maybe you can get by with English, but if you are in Japan or Korea and at the restaurant they speak to you in their language, well, things definitely get complicated. Up until now this situation could have been a problem, but now we have a real interpreter in our pocket. Where? In our smartphone.

Using artificial intelligence and exploiting a dedicated processorthe phone allows you to translate in real time a dialogue between people in many different languages ​​and does so with a good degree of reliability even without having to connect to the Internet. The latest generation of foldable smartphones can also display the written text of the translation to further simplify communication between parties.

Instant translation with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

Artificial Intelligence for Graphic Arts

How do you do with drawing? Some may be skilled artists, but if you hold a pencil like a blacksmith then you might appreciate the AI ​​function that transforms drawings approximate (even little men made with sticks or little houses like squares with a triangle on top) into real masterpieces. Generative artificial intelligence, in fact, recognizes even with a few strokes the object you want to draw, such as a car, a house, a fruit basket, and using the hundreds of thousands of images it has trained on, it is able to create professional drawings.

It might be just a feature to make your photos more fun, maybe by adding a princess crown to your daughter’s picture, but it can become a valuable aid to make understand a concept better or an idea during a discussion.

artificial intelligence

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 with AI features

Artificial Intelligence for Work

Smartphones with AI They also give us back time by doing activities for us that require a certain amount of effort. Recording a work meeting or a university lecture can be transcribed in a few moments in a completely automatic way, and if necessary we can also obtain a summary of the topic with a precise list of the most relevant information. Without this help it would take us hours.

artificial intelligence

The Google Lens function

If we are walking around a city we don’t know and we come across a monument about which we know nothing or little, just frame it with the camera of the phone so that it is immediately recognized by the function Google Lens which then gives us detailed information about what we are facing.

These and many other functions are already directly integrated today, for example, in new-generation smartphones such as the latest foldables. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6. By trying them out first hand we realized how artificial intelligence has become not only accessible but also very simple and practical to use. AI is just an aid and will never replace human knowledge or skills but it can certainly help us in many areas of everyday life. And we are just getting started.

Source: Vanity Fair

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