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Woman on a rampage during a flight bit the flight attendant and tore his uniform

Panic reigned on a United Airlines flight from Miami to Newark, as one of the passengers ran amok and began attacking crew members and passengers. In a video taken by a passenger, the woman can be seen biting the flight attendant and ripping off his uniform, while she is heard telling an elderly woman to “go back to Russia”. According to the “Daily Mail”, although the flight crew managed to tie her hands, the woman continued undeterred to fight. “Stop touching me, let me go, I’m a c…girl, are you trying to kill me?” he was shouting. The woman is then seen standing in the aisle and telling other passengers not to fly United Airlines. “These people have a behavior problem and they are not doing their job. They handcuff me. Why are you putting handcuffs on me?’, he shouted in a frenzy. “Why, you c…? Why the hell are you handcuffing me? Why, why, why, why?” he kept screaming. […]
Source: News Beast

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