As of this Monday (8), B3 will close negotiations at 18:00

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As of this Monday (8), the stock exchange, B3, will operate until 18:00. The measure was announced in October and, according to a statement from B3 at the time, the objective is to adjust the business hours in Brazil with those in the United States, which ended the daylight saving period on Sunday (7).

Without the adjustment, the closing of the New York and São Paulo stock exchanges is an hour apart. US daylight saving time returns in March. With this, the Brazilian stock exchange should return closing at 5 pm.

B3 regularly starts trading at 10 am and the opening hours will not change.

In a statement, B3 reinforces that the after-market session – which usually takes place between 5 pm and 6 pm – for the stock market should only take place on options expiration days, when there will be post-market trading.

To check the details on operations and reports and their schedules, simply access the B3 website. The files are available in the ‘Market data and Indices’ area and then access ‘Data Services’, ‘Market Data’, ‘History’, ‘Daily Bulletins’, ‘Search by Trade’.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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