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As of today, May 26, 2023

What happened like today in Greece and the world.

946: King Edmund I of England is murdered by a bandit.

961: King Otto I of Germany nominates his 6-year-old son, Otto II, as heir and co-ruler of East Francia. He is crowned in Aachen and placed under the guardianship of his grandmother, Mathilde.

1770: The revolutionary effort of the Orlovs and the Greeks of the Peloponnese ends ingloriously. It is the so-called Orlof, one of the revolts of the enslaved people of the region, before the great Greek Revolution of 1821. It was named so, because the plan of the Russian intervention was made by the brothers Alexios (1737-1783) and Theodoros (1741-1790) Orloff , during the Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774.

1805: In the cathedral of Milan, Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned king of Italy.

1821: The Peloponnesian Senate is established by the Greek revolutionaries.

1826: Greek fighters make a heroic exit during the Siege of Varnakova.

1828: A strange young man named Kaspar Hauser wanders a street in Nuremberg. His story, which is still an unsolved mystery, will be the subject of literature. The clean-shaven teenager appears on the afternoon of May 26, walking strangely. He only wrote 2-3 stereotyped phrases. He held a letter that explained little about himself. And he only knew how to write his name. It would be some time before he could recount that from 4 to 16 he had survived sitting (!) and tied to the floor of a cage, until a jailer appeared to free him.

1864: Montana becomes a territory of the United States.

1869: The founding charter of the University of Boston, in Massachusetts, is signed.

1879: Russia and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Gadamac, which establishes the state of Afghanistan.

1896: Nicholas II is crowned Tsar of the Russian Empire.

1897: “Dracula”, the iconic novel by Irish writer Bram Stoker, is published.

1916: Eastern Macedonia is handed over without a fight to the German-Bulgarian forces, by the decision of the pro-Royal government of Stefanos Skouloudis, the deputy chief of staff of the Army, Ioannis Metaxas, with the consent of the pro-German king, Constantine I, and thus follows the Second Bulgarian Occupation of Eastern Macedonia ( 1916-1918).

1928: The FIFA conference approves the proposal to host the World Cup.

1930: The Minister of Education, George Papandreou, is in favor of the establishment of a Greek National Melodrama.

1938: The Un-American Activities Committee is established in the United States of America.

1940: Operation “Dynamo” begins, with the evacuation of Dunkirk by the Anglo-French troops.

1941: General Bernard Freiberg, commander of the allied forces, due to the unfavorable developments, orders the evacuation of Crete. Two Companies of the Greek 5th Infantry Regiment recapture the village of Stavromenos in Rethymnon and capture 100 German prisoners. Nazi forces occupy Mournies of Chania.

1946: AKEL scores a victory in the municipal elections of Cyprus. It elects mayors in the major cities of the island except Paphos and Kyrenia.

1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono start the second Peace event in bed room 1472 at the ‘Queen Elizabeth Hotel’ in Montreal.

1975: Dogs enter the service of the Greek Police for the first time, for the detection of narcotics.

1995: In Albania, Parliament passes a law allowing immigration and work abroad.

1996: In China, 84 are dead from a mine explosion in Henan province, according to media reports.

2002: The Mars Odyssey unmanned spacecraft discovers large amounts of ice on the red planet’s surface.

2003: A Ukrainian Yakovlev Yak-42 aircraft carrying 62 Spanish soldiers, members of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan and a crew of 12, crashes in Trabzon, Turkey, while trying to land in dense fog. None of the occupants survive. The crash is attributed to pilot error.

2008: Extensive flooding occurs in southern China, killing 148 people and displacing 1.3 million people from their homes.

2011: Suicide bomber detonates three bombs at government buildings in China.

2018: Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev to claim their club record 13th Champions League trophy. It is the third consecutive crowning of the “merenches” and fourth in the last five seasons.

2021: In club football, Villarreal win their first Europa League title and first major trophy in the club’s 98-year history after beating Manchester United on penalties. The final took place in Gdansk, Poland, which ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time.


1478 – Pope Clement VII

1566 – Mohammed III, Ottoman sultan

1602 – Philippe de Champaign, French painter

1667 – Abraham de Moivre, French mathematician

1867 – Mary of Teck, Queen of the United Kingdom

1874 – Henri Farman, French aviator

1894 – Pal Lucas, Hungarian actor

1907 – John Wayne, American actor

1909 – Matt Busby, Scottish footballer and manager

1910 – Imi Lichtenfeld, Hungarian martial artist

1914 – Geoffrey Unsworth, English filmmaker

1917 – Antonis Christoforidis, Greek boxer

1926 – Miles Davis, American musician

1952 – George Georgiou, Greek sports writer

1954 – Alan Hollinghurst, English writer

1959 – Fabio Berardi, politician from San Marino

1964 – Lenny Kravitz, American songwriter

1964 – Argyris Pedoulakis, Greek basketball player and coach

1966 – Helena Bonham Carter, English actress

1968 – Prince Frederik of Denmark

1977 – Luca Toni, Italian soccer player

1977 – Nikos Hatzivrettas, Greek basketball player

1981 – Irini Merkouri, Greek singer

1985 – Monica Christodoulou, Greek songwriter


451 – Vardas Mamikonian, Armenian soldier

735 – Vedas, English historian and theologian

946 – Edmund I, king of England

1250 – Peter I, Duke of Brittany

1421 – Mohammed I, Ottoman sultan

1512 – Bayezid II, Ottoman sultan

1906 – Karl Berg, German industrialist

1934 – Alfonso, Count of Caserta

1944 – Christian Wirth, German SS officer

1955 – Alberto Ascari, Italian racing driver

1958 – Constantin Cantacuzinos, Romanian aviator

1963 – Konstantinos Veis, Greek chemist and academic

1973 – Karl Levitt, German philosopher

1976 – Martin Heidegger, German philosopher

1978 – Kyveli, Greek actress

1979 – George Brent, Irish actor

1981 – Takis Katsikopoulos, Greek lawyer and politician

1982 – James Paris, Greek film producer

1954 – Omer Nisani, Albanian politician

1997 – Christos Katsigiannis, Greek politician

1998 – Minos Argyrakis, Greek painter

2005 – Sangoule Lamizana, military and politician from Burkina Faso

2006 – Anna Sikelianou, Greek writer

2006 – Theofilos Zafeiropoulos, Greek lawyer and politician

2008 – Sidney Pollack, American director

2009 – Michalis Papagiannakis, Greek economist and politician

2011 – Stanislaus A. James, Governor General of Saint Lucia

2015 – Robert Kraft, American astronomer

2021 – George Drizos Greek painter

2022 – Ray LiottaAmerican actor.

Source: News Beast

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