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Revenge? Subscribers viralize tips for paying less on streaming subscriptions

When to Netflix announced that it would charge extra fees for subscribers who share the account, many users criticized the possible decision (some even threatened to leave the platform).

But the streaming giant did not listen to the lamentations and, in the face of the fall in paying users in April 2022, maintained the additional charge that finally arrived in Brazil. This Tuesday (24), the company sent an email to subscribers explaining the new rules and generated revolt in many Brazilians who enjoy marathoning a good series.

If you share your account with another person who does not live in the same house, you will be charged an additional R$ 12.90 in addition to the value of the signed plan. But, as the saying goes, nobody gives up easy around here. Twitter was invaded by indignant comments and tips on how to access various streaming services at lower prices – yes, even other platforms left.

An advertiser did the math and showed other platforms that can be subscribed to for the price of a single Netflix plan used by 3 more people, which would be BRL 94.51 monthly. But you need to subscribe to a shopping site to get discounts on the monthly fee for each service and get the same price.

And then everyone joined in the conversation. The companies mentioned thanked the “souvenir” and took the opportunity to reinforce the disclosure.

Procon notifies Netflix

This Wednesday (24), Procon-SP notified the streaming company after receiving a large volume of complaints from consumers about the new additional charge policy. According to the agency itself, the objective is to understand whether the conduct violates the Consumer Protection Code and what is announced to subscribers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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