As time goes! 22 artists in their first and most recent music video

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Time passes and many times we do not notice the changes that our favorite artists have, either physically or musically, as there are artists like Demi Lovato who has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager or like Madonna, who has been working for more than 20 years. career, so we are surprised by the differences between before and after.

Here’s what 22 artists looked like in their first music video and most recent clip. The truth is, most of them look amazing today.

1. Selena Gomez

selena gomez music video dance with me

Selena’s first video was on her singing debut with Cruella De Vil in 2008, while the latter is Dance with Me con Rauw Alejandro de 2021.

2. Jesse & Joy

jesse y joy

The first music video of these brothers was Outer space in 2006 and the last was Ours is worth more 2020.

3. The Weeknd

the weeknd video musical save your tears

While he has not had as long a career as others, his first video was Rolling Stone in 2013 and the latest is Save Your Tears in 2021.

4. Jonas Brothers

jonas brothers video musical x karol g

One of the first videos of the famous brothers was Hold On in 2007, while the last was X with Karol G in 2020.

5. Dua Lipa

dua lipa fever music video with angele

In just five years, Dua has changed a lot between her first video Be The One 2015 and latest, Fever with Angéle from 2020.

6. Paty Cantú

paty cantu musical video with lasso hate

He began his career in the group Lu, but his first solo music video was Let me go in 2009, while the last, I hate you with Lasso in 2020.

7. Sam Smith

sam smith video musical kids again

The British singer released his first music video Money On My Mind in 2014. His last clip was the music video for Kids Again in October 2020.

8. Billie Eilish

billie eilish video musical rosalía

The 18-year-old girl posted her first music video in 2016 with the song Ocean Eyes. The most recent is You will forget with Rosalía in 2021.

9. Zayn Malik

zayn malik video musical vibez

Zayn started his One Direction career in 2010 with the music video What Makes You Beautiful, while the most recent as a soloist is Vibez of 2021.

10. Camila Cabello

camila cabello video musical first man

He began his career on Fifth Harmony and the band’s first music video was Miss Movin’ in 2013. Meanwhile, his latest solo clip is First Man 2020.

11. Shakira

shakira video musical girl like me

The famous Colombian released her first music video with the song Blind, deaf-speechless in 1999, while the most recent was Girl Like Me with the Black Eyed Peas in 2020.

12. Pink

pink video musical khalid hurts 2b human

Pink’s first music video was in nothing more and nothing less than 2001 with Don’t Let Me Get Me, while the most recent is Hurts 2B Human with Khalid from 2019.

13. Lana Del Rey

lana del rey Chemtrails Over The Country Club

The famous artist released her first music video Video Games, which would make her famous, in 2011. The most recent is Chemtrails Over The Country Club in 2021.

14. Bruno Mars

bruno mars

Bruno released one of his first music videos back in 2010 with The Other Side, while the most recent was two years ago with Finesse in 2018.

15. Madonna


With one of the longest careers, Madonna released her first video with the song Like A Virgin in 1984. The most recent of the famous queen of pop was Batuka in 2019.

16. Adele


Adele, one of the most talented singers of her generation, released her first music video featuring Hometown Glory in 2009, while the latter is Send My Love of 2016.

17. Harry Styles

harry styles video musical treat people with kindness

Like Zayn, Harry began his One Direction career with the video for What Makes You Beautiful and his most recent solo video is Treat People With Kindness in 2021.

18. Coldplay


Coldplay, one of the most prolific bands, released their first video with the single Yellow in 2000, while the most recent is Champion of The World 2020.

19. James Bay

james bay

The English singer began his career around 2012, but his first video was until 2013 with Move Together. Meanwhile, the most recent is Chew On My Heart 2020.

20. Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne video musical mod sun

Lavigne looks the same as in her first 2002 music video for the song Complicated, while the most recent is Flames with Mod Sun of 2021.

21. Reik

reik video musical poco nodal

The Mexican band released their first video in 2005 with I would, while the most recent is Little bit next to Christian Nodal in 2020.

22. Demi Lovato

demi lovato video musical commander in chief

Lovato began her career on the Disney Channel, so her first video Get Back was published on the famous channel in 2008. The most recent is Commander In Chief in 2020.

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