At Coldplay show, SP family pays promise of father who survived Covid

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Coldplay’s concert, which took place last Saturday (10th) at Rock in Rio , will be remembered by many who watched it as an incredible moment. For the young Giovanna Tozadori and her family, however, the presentation went further and represented the fulfillment of a promise.

In April 2021, the family from São Paulo experienced delicate moments when the father, Giovando Gonçalves, 53, had Covid-19. He even spent 9 days intubated in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in the capital.

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As the sales representative is passionate about the song “Viva La Vida”, the 20-year-old psychology student promised that if he got over his illness, they would go to a concert with the band together.

“I prayed a lot during this period and in one of those prayers I made the promise. One day, we were having dinner at home and he put on Viva La Vida and said: ‘Wow, one day I’ll go to these guys’ concerts’. In prayer, when he was intubated, I talked to my father and said: ‘Dad, you can rest assured that when you come back we’ll hear Viva La Vida together”,’ he recalls.

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Giovando overcame the disease and, at the end of 2021, the band Coldplay announced shows in São Paulo and Rock in Rio. “We were very happy. My father already told me to stand in line to buy the tickets and I stayed for both, for the shows in SP and the one at Rock in Rio”, says Giovanna.

Tickets for the show, which was highly anticipated by Brazilians, sold out very quickly and the family was unable to buy them. The young woman’s alternative was to try to make the purchase for her, her father and mother through Facebook groups.

The family suffered a blow, but managed to buy the 3 tickets for the 10th of September from 3 different sellers, 2 weeks before the festival. The accommodation was hastily closed and they went by car to Rio de Janeiro. In Cidade do Rock, they braved the rain to see the show, which was the last of the night.

“There at Rock in Rio it was a test of resistance. In fact, it started to rain and we didn’t have a raincoat, we couldn’t buy it. We were very cold, we couldn’t take it anymore”.

Despite the situation, Giovanna says that all the wait was worth it.

“We forgot all about the cold. When the band played Viva La Vida, I hugged my father and cried next to him, because a movie plays in our head of everything we went through, of the moments when I prayed for him listening to this song”, he says.

For Giovando, living this moment with his family was a supernatural sensation, as he “did not even imagine that he would be here to feel this.”

During the show, the band performed the song Viva La Vida twice. Giovanna rules out that this was just a coincidence. “They sang especially for him,” she says.

*Supervised by Bárbara Brambila.

Source: CNN Brasil

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