At least one dead from the new “mass shooting” incident in Texas

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At least one person was killed and at least five others were injured when gunman opened fire on a furniture company in central Texas, announced the police.

The suspect was arrested by state police, CBS News reported. According to the same source, four of the injured are in serious condition, while a fifth suffered from an asthma attack.

The incident adds to a series of mass shootings, violent incidents with the use of firearms that have more than four victims according to the definition of the American authorities, within the last three weeks.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Kent Moore Cabinets store in Brian, Texas, police chief Eric Bask said.

The suspect in the massacre is believed to be an employee of the company. He has been taken into custody. His motives are not clear, at least for now.

The governor of Texas, the Republican Greg Abbott, stressed in a statement that the state “will contribute in any way necessary” in order for the perpetrator to be brought to justice. According to Abbott, a police officer was “injured when the suspect was arrested”.

Brian, a city of about 87,000, is a short walk from Texas A&M University.

The new mass shooting came just hours after President Joe Biden unveiled targeted measures at the White House to curb the spread of firearms in the United States, where bloody violent incidents are a scourge.

Since mid-March, there have been many such incidents – including this one in Atlanta, Georgia (8 dead), this in Boulder, Colorado (10 dead) and this one in Orange, California (4 dead, among them a little boy 9). years).

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