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Atal: What do a condom, a Switch game console and a USB charger have in common?

“What do a condom, a Switch video game console, and a USB charger have in common? “A real Europe,” French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said today in a video he posted on Instagram, in a bid to convince young people to vote for President Emmanuel Macron’s list in tomorrow’s European elections. “These three objects have one thing in common: Europe, a real Europe,” the prime minister said in a video he posted on the social network popular with young people, showing the camera each of the objects he mentioned. “This is Europe that makes sure that the condoms you buy meet all the requirements in terms of strength and safety, thanks to this little logo, the CE mark,” said Atal, wearing a suit and tie, on the last day of election campaign. Macron’s popularity among 18-24s at 6% “It’s Europe that forced Nintendo to replace Switch controllers for free – which no longer work – yet […]
Source: News Beast

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