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Ayrton Senna had more than one girlfriend at the same time, says biographer

The journalist Ernesto Rodrigues who wrote the pilot’s biography “Ayrton: The Hero Revealed“, participated in Mais Você (TV Globo) this Friday (7) and covered phases in the life of the Brazilian idol, such as his relationships with Xuxa It is Adriane Galisteu who was his last girlfriend.

At a certain point in the interview, Ana Maria Braga mentioned that the Formula 1 driver had some girlfriends and the journalist jokingly mentions: “A few, at the same time”. Afterwards, he also highlights some relationships that Senna lived throughout his life.

“I would name four main ones. There was the first one, Lilian, a girlfriend who gave me a very good, very honest interview. He also had a girlfriend, another Adriane, who he dated when she was young, a teenager, in a way, he kept dating while he went to Europe, he had Xuxa and he also had a third, Cristina Ferrati, a very discreet girlfriend, daughter of a admiral of the Brazilian Navy and that he dated during the period between Xuxa and Galisteu. She traveled a lot with him, but there came a point when she said ‘it’s not the life I want’”, she says.

Regarding Galisteu, Ayrton Senna’s last girlfriend, the biographer reports that he thinks it was a different moment in the pilot’s life. “Not that he broke up with his family, the book doesn’t say that, and it would never say that, but it was a moment of emancipation for him. Everyone who was around him noticed that he became more relaxed”, he highlights.

Regarding Xuxa Meneghel, Rodrigues mentions that the relationship between the two would have come to an end because they both had “different perspectives”.

Last month, presenter Adriane Galisteu paid tribute to Ayrton Senna on the date that marked the 30th anniversary of the pilot’s death, on May 1st.

Sharing old photos alongside her ex-boyfriend, the presenter wrote: “the day that marked my life so deeply that it will never, ever be forgotten… forever Ayrton!”

The serious accident that took the driver’s life happened during the San Marino GP, in Imola, Italy, on the morning of May 1, 1994, a Sunday, but confirmation of the news came hours later. At 1:05 pm (Brasília time), the country’s main media outlets reported the death of the three-time Formula 1 champion, at the age of 34.

Ex-girlfriend reveals that Senna died “without realizing her biggest dreams”

Source: CNN Brasil

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