Attempt to recover in the Stock Market

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of Alexandra Tombra

The Athens stock exchange is trying to recover from yesterday’s sell off today, which is trying to recover the levels of 880 units, although caution is not lacking as the pressure catalysts remain.

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In particular, the General Index registers gains of 1.06% at 877.40 units, while the turnover is at 4.2 million euros and the volume at 1.3 million pieces. An increase of 1.08% was recorded by the FTSE 25, at 2,115.67 points, while the banking index gained 0.65% at 566.08 points.

Attempt to recover in the Stock Market

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The market is trying to find its supports in order to recover some of yesterday’s lost ground, however caution is not lacking. And this may not be fully reflected in the swings, but it is seen in the limited orders that have been executed so far, a sign of the identifying moves of many buyers.

After all, the catalysts that led to yesterday’s plunge have not disappeared, with the climate abroad being positive, but also characterized by caution. The picture may be clouded, given that today is also the penultimate session in which investors following MSCI’s indices take their positions, regarding changes in stocks and weightings.

It is recalled that we did not have any additions/deletions from the MSCI Greece Standard Index, however there are always some changes that bring side orders to the Greek index as well.

However, what is conveyed by stock exchange sources to, is that perhaps this time the AXA will not have any share in the rebalancing carried out by the truck index funds, given that the trend of the last interval is in more defensive positions. And in this “category” are not the Greek assets, which operate in an economy that does not have an investment grade, thus excluding long funds placements.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Coca Cola stands out with its +4.28%, with PPA at +2.12% and Biohalco, PPC, Aegean, Ethniki, Hellenic Petroleum and Ellaktor following with an increase that exceeds 1%.

Titan, Lambda, OTE, Jumbo, ELHA, Mytileneos, Sarantis, Piraeus, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, GEK Terna, OPAP, Quest and EYDAP are moving slightly upwards, while on the opposite side, ADMIE, Motor Oil and Terna Energy are moving slightly downwards.

Source: Capital

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