Audi, full electric push: goodbye charging anxiety

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Anyone who gets behind the wheel of an electric carespecially the first few times, he is impressed by the engine thrust that comes all together, immediate, starting from zero turns: step on the pedalaccelerator – especially with cars with high powers – and you find yourself nailed to the seat. One click that Audi is reproducing in the implementation of new solutions hardware and softwarand to enhance travel in full electric.

The Ingolstadt-based company first accelerated the expansion ofcharging infrastructure inaugurating an unprecedented network of HPC columns (High Power Charging) at its own dealers. Installations, with powers greater than or equal to 150 kW and with dedicated parking spaces, they are already active in 16 official dealers, which in 2023 will become 54, with the aim of covering by 2025 the entire Audi network, including Service Partners.

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Also available for a fee customers of other brandsthe new columns of the four rings widen the charging ecosystemalready strong in multiple solutions for refueling public and private. The network Audi e-tron Charging Service – that with a single card and a single contract allows you to draw energy from 326 thousand points in Europe, of which over 24 thousand in Italy – it integrates the network Enel X and ultrafast stations IONITY.

It is therefore about an all-encompassing programdedicated both to the electric cars of the four rings and to the models plug-in hybrids, and includes two types of subscription that – with the payment of a monthly fee – allow the adoption of uniform prices, specific to each market: there is the City floor, aimed at those who move mainly in urban areas, and the Transit plan, for customers who prefer longer journeys.

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Side softwareinstead, the system e-tron trip planner lets you check instantly – both through the app myAudi both through the multimedia system MMI – how many refills are needed to reach a specific destination, constantly updating the situation based on the terminal status (i.e. if the column is functioning and free), del traffic and of driving styleoptimizing the timing.

Zero emissions, therefore, e zero reload anxiety. We realized this while driving Audi e-tron Sportback from Florence to Milan, first facing the suggestive curves of the Passo della Futa then a long stretch of the motorway in full Po Valley. In between, a quick stop for lunch at Casalecchio di Reno, with the car being recharged at the local dealer (the 55 quattro and S models recover approx 80% autonomy in less than half an hour).

New access solutions to a sustainable future. For an electric trip thoughtless.

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