Australia: Delphi Bank collects signatures for return of Parthenon Sculptures

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A way to support Greece’s effort for their return and reunification Sculptures of the Parthenon found Delphi Bank, a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Australia’s sixth largest bank, which has been serving the Greeks of Australia for over 20 years in the banking sector.

Thus, already having in its assets many sponsorships related to the promotion of Greek culture through community and cultural actions, Delphi Bank (which initially started as Bank of Cyprus Australia and since 2012 became part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank group), considered one of the best ways to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the proclamation of the Revolution of 1821: To take the initiative to collect signatures requesting the return of the Sculptures to Greece of the Parthenon, now housed in the British Museum.

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“As Greek-Australians, our common cultural heritage and our community are important elements that determine who we are, not only as individuals, but also as a Bank, whose roots are inextricably linked to the Greeks first, second, third and, now, fourth generation living in Australia “, emphasizes in ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ ο Dimitris Sarris, General Manager of Delphi Bank. He continues: “Through this campaign, we seek to connect further with our customers and our community and raise awareness not only here in Australia but also abroad about this very important cultural issue.”

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In a symbolic gesture, Dimitris Sarris was the first to sign the request, emphasizing the importance of defending this issue, but also the close ties that this initiative has with Delphi Bank, the Greek community and history. “For Delphi Bank, the power of our community’s unity to achieve a common goal is paramount – as is the power of sculpture culture and heritage and their eventual reunion with our homeland.” , concludes Mr. Sarris.

According to the people of the bank, the members of the committee “Australians for the Return of the Parthenon Sculptures”, headed by Elly Symons and George Barda, also expressed their support for the campaign. , describing it as an “excellent initiative” that “invites all philhellenes to sign the petition and have their voices heard.” “We are confident that the Australians will support the reunification of sculptures in Greece and at the Parthenon monument”, the committee notes.

In addition, the artist and proponent of Greek culture, Natalie Robot, demonstrated its practical support for the campaign, in collaboration with Delphi Bank to create sculpture-inspired paintings entitled Ἡ χύσχύς ἐν τῇ ἐνώσει ”- a saying attributed to Aesop that highlights the unparalleled power of community unity. “When the sculptures are unified, then they can finally be appreciated and admired by the Greeks and the rest of the world as they should be: in their birthplace, the Acropolis, under the blue Attic sky”, Natalie Roboti states in APE-MPE.

Delphi Bank’s request can be signed online at from interested parties around the world, as well as from all Delphi Bank branches in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. More information about the campaign can be found on the Delphi Bank website and on the social media bank accounts by searching @delphibank.

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