Australia says open to replacing image of queen on five-dollar bills

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The Australian government said on Tuesday that the image of King Charles III would not automatically replace that of Queen Elizabeth II on the five-dollar bills, which could be exchanged for Australian personalities.

Although the coins are required to bear the image of the British monarch, Assistant Federal Minister of the Treasury Andrew Leigh stated that the decision to include the image of the Queen on the banknote was based on her personality, as opposed to her status as a monarch, and any changes would not be “automatic”.

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Asked by a reporter if the government would consider replacing the British monarch with an Australian one like indigenous land rights activist Edward Mabo, Leigh explained: “It will be a conversation to be had. It is a conversation that will happen in the government. There is no rush. The priority now is to exchange the coins.”

The Queen’s death reignited debates over Australia’s future as a constitutional monarchy. Voters chose to keep the British monarch as head of state in a 1999 referendum.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed that he has yet to turn his attention to whether an Australian should be on the $5 bill.

“I think this is a time when a little respect is needed. We will handle these issues in an appropriate, orderly and respectful manner.”

The Royal Australian Mint, the only coin maker in the country, said it will not issue coins bearing the effigy of Queen Elizabeth in 2023.

About 15 billion coins have been minted in the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II since her coronation in 1953. The mint produces between 110 million and 150 million coins annually.

See the evolution of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the British banknote

Source: CNN Brasil

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