Australia: She was photographed topless without her permission – “It was a public place”, the response of the authorities

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A woman from Australia claims that she was faced with the indifference of the Australian authorities, since when she complained that the photographed topless without her permission, she received the answer that “nothing can be done, it was a public space”.

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According to Lily Cook reported that on November 12 she was visiting a beach in Sydney when she decided to take off her top. Nevertheless, he waited for two men he knew to leave the scene. But in the evening, she received from a friend a photo of her topless and informed her that it was posted by the people she had seen.

Then the woman she contacted them and they said that they uploaded the photo, but not to show her breasts, but the sceneryeven though the camera wasn’t focusing on it at all.

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“These men (and I use that word elegantly) chose to tell lies, and various stories … instead of apologizing and admitting this stark and obvious truth,” he said.

“I can’t help but think how different this whole process would be if they had the strength and dignity to own up to their actions and realize how it can affect a woman,” she added.

So, he turned to the authorities to get the answer how the alleged perpetrators could not be charged as she was in a public place when the photo was taken, she lost the ground beneath her feet.

“I’m disappointed because I thought something would happen,” he told the Daily Telegraph. She also added that discovering a photo of her topless on social media “had a significant impact on her mental health”.

Source: News Beast

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