Australia: Video of passenger warning pilot of impending collision between two helicopters

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The investigations into the collision of the two helicopters in Australia are ongoing, while one has been released video showing a passenger warning the pilot a few seconds before the fateful.

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The 7NEWS network released the clip in question, which shows the interior of one of the helicopters. Then, one of the passengers taps the pilot on the shoulder and asks him to look to the side at the second approaching helicopter.

Nevertheless, the pilot reacts slowly, because he does not realize what is happening and at that moment the collision occurs, which cost the lives of four people from the other helicopter, namely the pilot, two Britons and a 36-year-old woman from Sydney.

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It is noted that the state Police reported that the fall was a consequence of the in-flight contact that preceded seconds before between the two helicopters. Specifically, one helicopter was landing and the other was taking off when they made contact causing one to hit the ground and the second to land.

Watch the video showing a passenger warning the pilot, seconds before the crash:

Source: News Beast

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