Is there life after Grey’s Anatomy? What are the 10 most loved actors of the series doing today, after the farewell

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It all started as a bet. Yes why Grey’s Anatomy it should have been a series of stopgaps of the schedule, with a few episodes and many soap plots between the hospital wards. And instead today it is one of the longest-lasting products in the history of TV, with new episodes of season 19 coming to Disney+ soon.

Of course, the medical staff has mostly changed since the original because many doctors have died in the most tragic way possible. AND protagonist Meredith has also packed her bags. The reason? Ellen Pompeo wants a change of sceneryin defiance of gratitude towards that project that transformed her from unknown to super star with one of the highest cachets on the small screen.

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In short, new faces and imaginative diagnoses are the main course of this future medical drama born from the ingenuity of Shonda Rhimesalso blessed by that lucky scalpel that today yielded her a stratospheric deal with Netflix, which began under the good star of Bridgerton. And so, according to her tradition, the producer has already started churning out spin-offs and the story born from the pages of Julia Quinn (Mondadori) now lives in a completely unrelated to the novels in the next project on Queen Charlotte’s adolescence .

It had already happened with Grey’s Anatomywhich gave rise to Private Practices before ea Station 19 later, two products that welcomed part of the cast. But what happened to the actors who left the series or were fired? Here’s what happened to the ten most loved faces of this medical drama, some of which hopefully peep out (even in ghost-version or in some flashback) before the final farewell.

1.Patrick Dempsey

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Call him Doctor Strangelove because this is how heart surgeon Derek Shepherd achieved global fame. And with him Patrick Dempsey, already a heartthrob in the Eighties but at meteor risk. After the series he did everything from series Devils and The truth about the Harry Quebert case up to the new Bridget Jones film. Next stop? The biopic Ferrari.

2. Sandra Oh


In the series, Cristina is Meredith’s “person”, much more than a friend, halfway between a sister and a soul mate. She is certainly the brightest of the residents, she remains a beloved character and it is hoped that Sandra Oh will appear for the last episode. In the meantime, this formidable Canadian has collected important roles, such as in Killing Eve. We will see her in the cinema The Sympathizer with Robert Downey Jr.

3. Isaiah Washington

His medical star, Preston Burke, was a hit with fans, but then Isaiah Washington had a homophobic outburst in public and was fired. He’s been jumping from project to project ever since, but he’s never found another role as iconic. Three films on the way, but none with a stellar cast.

4. Katherine Heigl

His Izzie had a happy ending, but Katherine Heigl wasn’t on set to tell it. When she first started having some success in romantic comedies in the cinema, her role in her series was close to her to the point that she was fired for not showing up on the set (after various disagreements). Convinced that Hollywood was waiting for her when she took a long break for her motherhood, she was disappointed. She is trying again with the series The summer we learned to fly, on Netflix, certainly not a masterpiece. The rest was more or less forgettable, with TV projects closed after a few episodes.

5. TR Knight

His lab-clad alter ego, George O’Malley died a war hero, in one of the series’ most poignant scenes. Too bad TR Knight is rarely seen on TV, but he is back with The flight attendantwhere he plays the brother of the protagonist (Kaley Cuoco).

6. Kate Walsh


Rumor has it that she was given her own series, Private Practice, because her character, Addison (Derek’s ex-wife), was in danger of overshadowing the protagonist Meredith. How to be wrong? Kate Walsh has a charisma that is nothing short of magnetic, which has recently reappeared in Grey’s Anatomy 19. For the rest of the time we find it around Emily in Parison Netflix.

7. Justin Chambers


Alex Karev’s farewell was a bit botched and awkward, but it remains one of the most painful because it represents redemption. Justin Chambers had a career even before the series, as evidenced by the fact that he competed for the attentions of JLo in Sooner or later I get married (where he played a somewhat dumb Italian-American). Gorgeous Marlon Brando in The Offer (on Paramount+), is sure to return to wow audiences.

8. Eric Dane


Dr. Bollore, born Mark Sloane, the plastic surgeon who stole Addison from Derek, breaking their friendship, has a special place in the hearts of the public. Eric Dane has five movies in the works, while on TV he played Cal Jacobs in Euphoria.

9. Chyler Leigh


Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie, tragically passed away. Actress Chyler Leigh, on the other hand, is very busy on TV thanks to Supergirl and the various offshoots of the DC universe on the small screen. In short, he’s doing just fine.

10. Giacomo Gianniotti

Mike Rosenthal

Andrew DeLuca joins the long list of doctors who have suffered untimely and painful deaths in the series. The Italian-Canadian Giacomo Gianniotti instead became Diabolik in the cinema and will still be in the third chapter. He has been able to reinvent himself to perfection and his career is in excellent health.

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