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Australian gas station network began accepting payments in cryptocurrencies

The Australian network of gas stations and roadside stores On The Run announced the launch of support for cryptocurrency payments at all 175 points of the network.

Initially, it was assumed that support for cryptocurrencies would be added in July, but the implementation of the project was a bit delayed. However, as Karl Mohan, the manager of the Crypto.com exchange for the Asia-Pacific region, emphasized, it took only 8 weeks to test and fully deploy the project. The project involves Crypto.com and Australian payment service provider DataMesh.

Mohan emphasized that the implementation of cryptocurrency payments makes it easy to scale the number of points of service. On The Run’s parent company, the Peregrine Group, plans to install kiosks at 250 more retail outlets, including Subway Cafe and Krispy Creme.

“Now any owner of a store or cafe, or the head of a network with a thousand stores can easily connect to cryptocurrency payments,” Mohan emphasized.

The top manager of Crypto.com noted that the exchange does not take commissions for transactions. However, stores will have commissions, the size of which will be comparable to payments with plastic cards. Mohan believes that one of the key requirements for the spread of cryptocurrency payments in Australia is the support of stablecoins pegged to the Australian dollar. This will greatly simplify taxation.

Recently, Soneva, a luxury hotel chain operating in Thailand and the Maldives, has launched support for payments in cryptocurrencies.

Source: Bits

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