Austria, possibility of lockdown only for unvaccinated

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The fourth wave of Covid infections is shaking theAustria. Faced with the worsening of the pandemic situation, the Austrian government is working hard and, under the leadership of the new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (representative of the Austrian People’s Party, with a Christian Democrat and conservative tendency), approved the new version of pandemic measures package.

On the horizon is looming possibility of a lockdown reserved for those who have chosen not to vaccinatethe. More precisely, the Government makes it known that will monitor the occupancy of the beds in the intensive care units and, after exceeding a certain threshold, it will put in place gradually increasing restrictions for the people of the unvaccinated.

The decision emerged yesterday, October 22, during a videoconference meeting evening held by the Government. On this occasion it was established that, exceeded the threshold of 30% of occupancy of intensive care places, equal to about 600 beds, will trigger the lockdown for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

The scenario is still far to come, confirmed the Minister of Health Wolfgang Mueckstein. Who clarified that for the moment the country is still in phase 1. And adding: “Most ICU patients are not vaccinated against Covid-19: it must be clear to these people that they have a great responsibility. We have too many procrastinators and hesitants, too many who have failed to get vaccinated. Get vaccinated ».

For vaccinated people, however, it was reiterated that the restrictions will not change from those currently in force in Austria: obligation to wear a mask in indoor areas and vaccination certificate to access it.


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