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Author of feminicide is shot in revenge during his escape from prison in SC

One individual was killed and another injured after two men – father and son – broke into a house and fired firearms. According to the police, the suspects sought to avenge the death of a young woman who was a victim of femicide in 2018. The dead girl was the daughter and sister of the perpetrators of the shooting.

The case happened on Monday night (13), in Anchieta (SC), 670 km from Florianópolis. The feminicide occurred in the city of Xanxerê, in the west of Santa Catarina.

The man identified as responsible for killing the young woman in 2018 had been convicted of the crime and was serving a sentence for failing to comply with a court order, threatening a woman and for feminicide. In the last few days, during his escape from prison, he was at his family's house in Anchieta.

According to the Military Police, at around 7pm, the duo, aged 63 and 35, invaded the property and shot six times. The shots hit the alleged perpetrator of the feminicide and another man, aged 53, who died at the scene.

The 33-year-old man accused of feminicide was injured and was taken to a hospital in the region.

Police chief Cleverson Luiz Muller, who is in charge of the investigations, confirmed that the main motivation for the attempted murder, committed by the father and son, was revenge for the young woman's death.

After carrying out searches, father and son were located in the city of Campo Erê and taken to the police station. A third man, who was hiding in a truck, was also located and arrested on suspicion of participation in the crime.

The three suspects, detained in the act, are now awaiting a custody hearing. The case was registered as attempted murder and completed murder.

Source: CNN Brasil

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