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Authorities race to “capture” the five million bees that were “released” from a truck in Canada

The Authorities at Ontario of Canada they raced to catch up five million bees which on Thursday (31/8) they were freed when a truck carrying several boxes of hives overturned on a road.

Halton Regional Police, as Officer Ryan Anderson told CNN, received a call shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday after the straps attached to the hive boxes broke open and created a leak, releasing millions of bees onto the road in Burlington, Anderson said

Burlington is south of Toronto. The city is located on the shores of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Niagara Falls, according to its website.

The Police shared a post on social media in which warned residents and vehicles to stay away from the areawhile about six or seven local beekeepers volunteered to help carry the bees back to safety, Anderson said.

“Within a few hours, the majority of the bees were safely back in their hives in their boxes and safely loaded back onto the trailer,” Anderson said.

A local Canadian beekeeper, Michael Barber was one of the volunteers who helped capture some of the five million bees.

Michael Barber, owner of Tri-City Bee Rescue in nearby Guelph, said he received a call from police around 7 a.m. Wednesday to help rescue the bees.

The bees were transported after they had been used locally for pollinationhe told CNN by phone.

He added that usually at this time of year, beekeepers work to bring the bees back to their yard for the winter.

“In this case, they were coming out of the farmer’s field before they harvested their crops and just taking them back to their yard,” he said.

“There were probably somewhere around 40 hives in the trailer and approxu 20 of the hives slipped apthis because the driver was trying to avoid hitting a deerBarber added. “As soon as I got to the scene, I was talking to the beekeeper involved in the accident, asking how we could best help, and we came up with a plan.”

After the nearly four-hour ordeal, several of the boxes were left on the edge of the roadway in the hope that the remaining bees that had taken off would return to their queen in the hive and would be collected later, Anderson pointed out.

According to the police, the original beekeeper was repeatedly stungbut there were no serious injuries due to the bee swarm in the area.

“The first beekeeper on the scene was stung several times,” Anderson said.

Police could not elaborate on why or where the bees were moved, but Anderson stressed that it is not unusual for bees to be moved to help farmers with pollination.

He further said it was a collective effort by residents, officers and local beekeepers to clear the roadway and allow everyone to reach their destination safely.

“Everyone participated. I was told that even some residents of the area helped, people who were in the area or passers-by” he explained

Barber, for his part, emphasized that while it was sad to see how many bees died in the incidentthe help provided by the group of local beekeepers was a nice expression of the community.

“It was sad to be on the scene and see the carnage and the number of dead bees on the road. But it was really nice to see all the beekeepers coming after the call and trying to help,” he said.

Source: News Beast

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