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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Know the characteristics and how is the treatment

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Know the characteristics and how is the treatment

World Autism Awareness Day, created by the United Nations, takes place on April 2.

A CNN Radio neurologist Erasmo Casella considers the date to be very important for “people to learn to respect, since autistic people are bullied” and to raise awareness about the differences.

According to the specialist, Autistic Spectrum Disorder encompasses several situations.

“It is characterized by the person’s difficulty in interacting with others, both verbally and non-verbally,” he said, as there are people who speak and others who don’t.

“There is also difficulty in non-verbal interaction, communication is not good, and other characteristics, such as food selectivity and some quirks, such as lining up carts, and lack of interaction with others”, he added.

TEA is divided by levels, level 1 has a greater degree of independence, while level 3 is more dependent.

“To make this classification in the first years of life is difficult, after 5 years you can have a better idea”, he recalled.

According to the doctor, health professionals learned over time how to diagnose, which made the “rare disorder become relatively frequent.”

Erasmo Casella pointed out that, due to dissemination and knowledge, many adults recognized the characteristics of autism in themselves.

The neurologist lamented the fact that “we are crawling in the growth of access to public service care.”

A team involves speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and music therapists, which “is not easy and the offer ends up being very poor.”

The treatment itself involves, for example, “training eye contact, socializing, trying to prevent repeated movements”.

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Source: CNN Brasil