‘Avatar 2’ presents an impressive new trailer and announces the arrival of war on Pandora

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After more than a decade of waiting after the sequel to Avatarthe highest grossing film in history, fans of the Na’vi universe can’t wait any longer to see the second part of this story directed by James Cameron.

After the premiere of the first teaser official of Avatar: The Way of Water, where they showed us an aquatic world full of spectacular marine creatures and we could see the faces of some of the protagonists walking through some oceans and lakes, and after the film was re-released in some theaters and people thought it was the premiere of the second part, at last! they released a second trailer.

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Photograph showing two characters from the movie Avatar 2

The first hours of this November 2, through the different official platforms of those in charge of this production, the new and latest advance of the long-awaited sequel to Avatartape that is driving the entire Internet crazy.

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Through a video of almost two and a half minutes, the most recent trailer shows us the life of the Na’vi many years after the first tape, where Jake Sully and Neytiri can be seen as parents and living in peace on Pandora. However, the course of his peaceful life will change when the humans that Jake and the Na’vi expelled are back in search of the precious unobtainium and, above all, with a thirst for revenge.

Assuring that war is back on Pandora, this new trailer sees Neytiri and her family seek refuge, arriving at the oceanic tribe of the Metkayina, where they meet their people and the leader of the group. However, another of the biggest problems that the protagonists will have to face is that Colonel Quaritch, whom Neytiri previously shot down, is not only back, but he is back as an Avatar.

Through some sites, some images have been shared that show Quaritch in his Avatar form, which could indicate that the character still maintains his memories and that human engineers managed to transfer consciousness to a body, just as Eywa does. , the energy and deity that moves Pandora.

official image showing Colonel Quaritch in his Avatar form

The theatrical release date of Avatar: The Way of Water It will be on December 16. Despite not having more details about the story that will star Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña, director James Cameron promises that he will not disappoint fans.

Source: Okchicas

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