Caught! Woman discovers the partner who stole her in her office thanks to a spy pen

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Working in an office surrounded by many colleagues is not always the best idea, since not only do you have to deal with different personalities and temperaments, but you also run the risk that someone wants to be clever and steal money or belongings of others.

Although today it is quite common for companies to have security cameras, not all companies implement them in their establishments. Like the office in which the protagonist of the following story works, tired of someone taking her belongings, she decided to set up a hidden camera to find out who was responsible for stealing her goods and money. Once identified, she did not hesitate to exhibit it.

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screenshot of a woman showing a spy pen

through the profile @easytao_comercializadorathe girl in question began by uploading a recording in which she presents the so-called spy pen, a pen that at first glance looks like any other, but it is not, since in the video the woman shows that she has a camera included that can take photos and videos and even has a usb charger.

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Through a brief unbox After just over a minute, the girl says that she will use the pen in order to discover the impostor in her office, because for some time she has been losing things and even money from her wallet, so she is interested in knowing who is behind that reprehensible action.


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In a second part, the employee can be seen placing the spy pen inside an organizer of pencils and pens, among other pens that she had inside, with the camera, going to a file cabinet and her bag, to see who the intruder is. has been stealing money from your wallet.

In addition, the girl said that although four days had passed since she placed the hidden camera, finally, when she returned from her lunch hour, she checked her bag and realized that she was missing money, so she proceeded to review what was recorded by the pen. and was able to find out who was responsible.


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Finding the identity of her fellow thief, the young woman decided to confront him. However, the man pretended that he did not know anything, so the employee told him that he has everything recorded and that she is going to accuse him with Human Resources. Immediately, the man assures her that there are no cameras in the place, but she shows him her pen and tells him to smile.

In the end, after countless users asked for a third part, the girl uploaded one last recording of the case, in which, apparently, she recorded the moment in which her partner was fired from the company for stealing. Also, as he walks out the door, she confronts him and tells him that she hopes he will return the money she stole from him.

image showing a person firing another seated at a desk

The recordings of the story of the spy pen did not take long to go viral, because despite the fact that the first two parts generated morbidity and fueled the desire for “gossip” among users, in the end, most concluded that everything was a lie and that more It seemed like a publicity campaign for the famous pen, since in one of the scenes you can see the date with the year 2027 and the dialogues of the people seem to be acted out.

Source: Okchicas

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