AvtoVAZ will stop assembling Lada Granta again. Temporarily

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The shortage of semiconductors hit auto makers hard, including the domestic AvtoVAZ. It is because of the lack of electronic components that the Russian auto company decided to suspend the assembly of the popular Lada Granta model. At least, this is what Atypical AvtoVAZ claims, referring to the order of the AvtoVAZ management.

The order says that from the evening shift on September 30, the production line of SKP Kalina, where the budget Lada Granta is being assembled, will be temporarily stopped. According to the plan, production is scheduled to resume next week. As for the other assembly lines, the decision of the management to set up production did not affect them. Both the B0 line, where the Lada Largus and XRay models, as well as Renault Logan and Sandero are produced, and the SKP line, which is involved in the assembly of Lada Niva, are still operating in normal mode without stopping.

It should be noted that this is not the first stop of production at the AvtoVAZ plant this year. All downtime is directly related to the shortage of electronic components from Bosch Samara, which cannot supply the required number of spare parts due to the global crisis in the semiconductor industry. According to some analysts, the semiconductor shortage, which has affected most auto brands and electronics manufacturers, will continue into the next year.

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