B. Korkidis: Doubling of the LNG storage capacity in Revythoussa

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“Greece continues to prepare to deal with even the most extreme scenarios, in terms of Russian natural gas flows to Europe” as the president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilis Korkidis, said in his statement.

Mr. Korkidis states: “On the one hand with energy saving actions by the public sector and households and on the other with provision for ensuring electrical sufficiency with other fuels. A coordinated effort has already been developed to supply increased quantities of liquefied gas, the operation of diesel units that use gas, but also the temporary extension of the exploitation of lignite. To supply increased quantities of liquefied natural gas, a new floating tank has already been installed with the ship installed in Revythoussa and is ready to receive the first cargoes of liquefied natural gas by the end of August . This almost doubles the storage capacity to 375,000 cubic meters, from the 225,000 of the three existing tanks and gives the possibility to make even more use of the liquefied natural gas re-liquefaction facility. DESFA proceeded in record time with all the necessary actions for the supply of additional of LNG quantities to ensure sufficiency in the event of a disruption in flows, thus addressing the threatened “severe Russian winter”.

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Source: Capital

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