B. Psaltis (Alpha Bank): The collaboration with Nexi and the electronic payments market worth 45 billion euros

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Commemorative photo from the Press Conference. [από αριστερά προς τα δεξιά] Vasilios Rapanos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alpha Bank, Akis Skertsos, Minister of State, Dionysis Grigoratos, CEO of Nexi Payments Greece, Patrizia Falcinelli, Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Greece, Paolo Bertoluzzo, CEO of Nexi Group, Vassilis Psaltis, CEO of Alpha Bank Group.

By Matina Harkoftakis

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Alpha Bank is targeting the further opening of the electronic payments market, the value of which amounts to 45 billion euros, through its strategic collaboration with the Italian Nexi. In practice, this agreement translates into the creation of a new company, Nexi Payment, which is a joint venture with the participation of both parties.

The electronic payments industry both in Greece and in Europe is running at a rapid pace, a development that is also reflected in the numbers as, according to the estimates of the financial institution, in 2022 it will increase by 11% compared to last year, at the same time which during the period 2019-2021 was strengthened by 25%.

Alpha Bank holds a 25% stake in accepting electronic payments

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“Alpha Bank is firmly at the forefront of innovation in the field of digital transactions”, noted the CEO of Alpha Bank, Vassilis Psaltis, in the context of the presentation of the partnership and continued by saying: “We are the first bank to put the digital wallet in the everyday life of Greeks, while today we provide the largest selection of digital wallets and hold a leading position in the acceptance of electronic payments with a share of around 25%”.

Already, through this collaboration, new innovative Nexi solutions have been created, aimed at businesses, such as the Nexi SoftPos app, which turns a smartphone into a complete Pos terminal, as well as advanced technology terminals such as Nexi SmartPos with printer and Nexi Traditional Ingenico Desk, innovations which are expected to be launched on the Greek market within the next period. “We offer our customers new smart terminals and advanced payment applications with multi-channel solutions, providing speed, reliability and more security in transactions”, pointed out Mr. Psaltis.

Nexi: We have invested 150 million euros in the joint venture

For his part, Nexi CEO Paolo Bartoluzzo said that the company, which is considered the largest provider of transaction acceptance in Europe, has so far invested 150 million euros, which was channeled into the new joint venture with Alpha Bank, while has planned to invest an additional 100 million euros over a five-year period, which will generally be directed towards the further development of its activities in our country.

We remind you that, in addition to its collaboration with Alpha Bank, Nexi after the acquisition of Sia Greece, which has now been renamed Nexi Greece, is among the largest companies in Greece, which offers a comprehensive range of digital payments as well as supporting services such as customer service centers, with the ability to provide solutions to all the needs of a company.

The center of excellence in Kryoneri

He has also given particular importance to the center of excellence in Kryoneri, which has been operating for a few months now, and consists of a team of 50 people, mainly developers and business analysts, who on behalf of the Nexi group develop new innovative services, which they are not exclusively aimed at the local market but serve the needs of Nexi customers across Europe. In fact, the group’s goal is to double the number of employees employed at the center in the next period, reaching 100.

It should be noted that Nexi, which specializes in the field of electronic payments, has a presence in 25 European countries and employs 10,000 workers, of which 1,000 are located in Greece. “We invest half a billion euros every year in the development of new technologies in the area of ​​electronic payments. We serve hundreds of financial institutions across Europe, from the largest to the smallest banks, and together we serve approximately 2.5 million commercial enterprises, which constitutes the largest community of merchants in Europe”, underlined Mr. Bartoluzzo.

Source: Capital

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