Baby is hospitalized to treat injury to the face and has part of the finger amputated in RJ

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A 1 year and 7 month old baby had part of his finger amputated after an incident at the Hospital Infantil Darcy Vargas, in São Gonçalo, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Lara Souza’s family, the amputation has nothing to do with the reason for the hospitalization of the child, who was admitted to the unit to treat an inflammation of the face caused by an insect bite.

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According to Adriana Lemos, who is the girl’s grandmother, the patient was placed on an antibiotic drip and, when removing the access that was wrapped in a bandage, the health professional ended up cutting part of the little finger.

“My granddaughter’s little finger won’t come back. We cannot remain silent”, said Lara’s grandmother.

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After the incident, the family sought out the 72nd Police Station in São Gonçalo and denounced the hospital for malpractice.

A CNN the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro reported that the child’s relatives have already been heard and that the agents of the 72nd DP also requested information to identify those responsible for the care.

Employee on leave

In a note, the Municipal Health Department of São Gonçalo stated that the employee involved in the episode has been on public service for more than 20 years and that she has a good work history.

However, in order to deepen investigations into the case, the folder opened an investigation and decided to immediately remove the employee, who did not have her identity revealed.

The prefecture also said that a multidisciplinary team evaluated the child and ensured that he did not suffer functional loss in the region of the incident.

Note from the City Hall of São Gonçalo:

The Municipal Health Department and the Children’s Emergency Room deeply regret the accident that occurred with the patient and clarify that, since then, they have been providing all the necessary support, through a multidisciplinary team, daily medical evaluation and evaluation by specialists such as a surgeon, pediatric surgeon, orthopedist and plastic surgeon. Everyone has already evaluated the patient and reported, through filling out the opinion, that there is no functional loss. The employee, who had been running for more than 20 years, who was returning from her vacation, and even with a good work record, was immediately removed from her activities until the end of the investigation that was opened to investigate the facts. All documents required by official bodies are being made available by the unit in order to collaborate with the progress of investigations.

Source: CNN Brasil

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