Back to work: which sport to choose based on the zodiac sign?

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With the summer archived and, by now, everyone has returned to work, it would be good and right to take the opportunity to adopt healthy sporting habits that, let’s face it, in the list of good intentions for the beginning of the professional and school year is never missing. The difficulty, however, is in the long run, when the initial enthusiasm increasingly dampens towards an inexorable laziness and the sofa is replaced at the gym, the remote control to set Netflix is ​​replaced with tools.

The secret is find the discipline that fits perfectly, the one we feel is made especially for us and which, in a constant spiritual-physical connection, makes us keep our attention high and not give up at the first “it starts to get cold, I can’t do it”.

Outdoor activities, boxing, yoga or even motocross, skiing and sailing: the ways of fitness are endless and find the right physical shape (in addition to mental well-being) it’s easier if we consider ours attitude astrological.

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what sport to practice, in conclusion. Because each has very specific characteristics and peculiarities, which distinguish it from all the others; there are those who are more competitive, more thoughtful and others who are super creative. The traits that characterize each zodiac sign can therefore be related to a specific sport or physical activity: choose a type of workout based on characteristics and predispositions it could make the moment of fitness much more enjoyable and perhaps we may also discover that we are particularly suited to a sport that we had never even considered.

In this moment of resumption of work, then, why not try to rely on astrology and choose a sport based on the zodiac sign? Run to browse the gallery, discover your discipline and give us a thought.

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