Mum & Work, so mothers go back to work

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The 2021 edition of the Le Equilibriste Report of Save The Children made it clear: among the 249 thousand women who lost or gave up their jobs during 2020, well 96 thousand are mothers with minor children (4 out of 5 have children under the age of five).

It is evident: when it comes to working parents, the greatest incidence of consensual termination of working relationships or resignations is found above all among mothers and, in most cases, the motivation behind this choice is precisely the difficulty of reconcile employment with the needs of children.

The absence of supportive relatives, the high costs of daycare and babysitting have prompted these mothers to give up their jobs. A situation that worsened with Covid.

And so, Talent Garden, together with buddybank, UniCredit’s smartphone bank, and Randstad, has decided to support mothers who have remained unemployed through a (free) program dedicated to formation and to reconversion of skills in a digital key. The project is called Mum&Work: will start in October within the Part Time Masters of Talent Garden Innovation School and there are 15 places, all with 15 scholarships that will be assigned on the occasion of the Challenge Day, an online event scheduled for September 15, open to mothers who have been unemployed for at least 3 months, with no work contracts in place at the time of application, and with dependent children. On that occasion you have to introduce yourself, tell about yourself and explain a “personal project”.

They are all part time courses (approx 120 hours in total) starting from October, almost all in Italian (with the exception of Business Data Science and UX Design which are held in English). It ranges from Content Design & Creation to Digital Marketing, from Data Analysis to Digital Product Management.
Most of the courses are 100% online, while some are blended (half online and half offline: specifically Digital HR and Digital Product Management which include some lessons on the Talent Garden Milano Calabiana campus). The weekly commitment varies according to the Master: some have lessons during the weekend (Friday afternoon and Saturday), others have evening appointments during the week).
Mum & Work also provides the opportunity to join SheTech for free, the Italian community born with the aim of bridging the gender gap in the world of technology, digital and entrepreneurship.

In short, a good opportunity to start again.


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