Bad Bunny becomes the most listened to artist on Spotify and surpasses Queen!

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Although many do not like reggaeton at all, we have to accept that it has become one of the most listened to musical genres in recent times. We still do not know if its popularity is due to the exotic lyrics or simply to the style that some artists handle, such as Bad Bunny.

This Puerto Rican singer managed to conquer the whole world with his reggaeton and trap music and is now crowned as the most listened to artist, at least on Spotify. Its numbers do not lie, because only on this platform it reached just over six million reproductions, a very high figure that only competes against artists such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and even Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Is sweeping your success

In November 2020, the artist presented his album The last tour of the world. The first few months passed without making a sound, but by January 2021 it got close to 913.5 million views and just a month later it managed to get 776 million and another 731 million in April.

The list of millions of views grows every month

In May 2021, his single Yonaguni managed to climb to 845 million views, because in the video he makes different references to Japanese culture, from tattooing a design of Pokémon, eat sushi, practice karate to become an anime. This undoubtedly helped it to conquer a new market, the Asian one.

His collaborations have given him a plus to his popularity

Bad Bunny posing for a photograph

In addition, the collaborations he has made with other artists have allowed him to reach more people, such as when he joined Nio García and J Balvin to remix the song. AM. As if that were not enough, his participation in the remix of the song Flying de Mora y Sech gave it a very impressive 955.6 million views.

It is possible that many still refuse to listen to it, but the numbers continue to rise and this shows that it is a genre that dominates the music scene, so it is time to accept that it has already beaten the classics and that it is making history.

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