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Bahia faction leader will be transferred to maximum security prison

Pablo Ribeiro de Moura, known as “Yellow”, will be transferred to a maximum security prison. The request was made by the Federal Police during the “Temporal” operation, which takes place this Wednesday (29), against the criminal organization suspected of involvement in the death of federal police officer Lucas Caribé, in Salvador, in September this year.

According to information from the Federal Police of Bahia, in an interview with CNN Pablo Ribeiro has been in prison since July 13, 2022 and, from inside prison, ordered the attack in the Valéria neighborhood that resulted in the death of the federal employee.

“There is strong evidence that the order to attack the neighborhood, which had a rival faction, came from within this prison unit, from those prisoners who were targets of these measures. Some others are linked to this same faction and participated directly or indirectly in the events”, stated PF delegate Marcelo Siqueira.

On September 15, the criminal organization led by “Amarelo” planned to invade the territory of a rival group, but an operation by state and federal security forces was carried out in the neighborhood.

Around 50 heavily armed men confronted the police and began the confrontation that resulted in the death of Lucas Caribé and four other men being investigated for committing crimes. As of October 3, at least 16 suspects involved in the crime had already died in clashes with security forces.

Pablo Ribeiro de Moura, known as “Amarelo”, has an extensive criminal record and was the 10 of spades in the “Crime Deck”, a catalog from the Public Security Secretariat of Bahia, which brings together information on the most dangerous fugitives in the state. Furthermore, in the investigation the PF discovered that the suspect is one of those responsible for supplying military material and organizing the attacks in Valéria and other neighborhoods of Salvador.

Source: CNN Brasil

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