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Barbie will launch the first doll with Down syndrome and is applauded in networks

It seems that the entertainment and toy manufacturing company Mattel has already understood everything, because through the most famous doll in the world it has been in charge of taking a great step towards the inclusion and diversity of different social groups and minorities with the creation of Barbies with different skin tones, acne, overweight and even with various physical conditions, such as deafness or vitiligo.

As a sign of being an inclusive company in which all people have the same opportunities and rights, Mattel continues to surprise with new editions of dolls. This time was no exception and announced that it will launch a doll with Down syndrome on the market.

representative image of Barbie doll with Down syndrome

For more than six decades, the Barbie firm has come to revolutionize the toy industry and has been in charge of imposing fashion when it comes to dolls. Continuing with its objective of celebrating diversity, through its official online storeMattel published the doll that simulates the features of people with an extra chromosome.

In the first images of the Barbie that, apparently, will only be available for a limited time this 2023, it can be seen that the face of the doll is different from the rest, as it tries to simulate the features of people with Down syndrome, in addition to the fact that He wears orthopedic ankle braces that support him when he walks.

Barbie doll face with features of people with Down Syndrome.

Barbie Fashionistas celebrates diversity and offers endless possibilities to create stories and explore fashion. With this inclusive range of dolls, girls can see how much fun it is to express their personality through their style.

– Wrote the Mattel site

The Barbie that will be part of the “Fashionistas” line wears a colored dress in yellow and blue tones, which represent trisomy 21 as a symbol of visibility. In addition, she includes a special necklace, since her three arrows represent the third chromosome 21 that people with Down syndrome have.

Full body representative image of Barbie with Down syndrome

With this range of inclusive dolls, Mattel wants girls to see how fun it is to express their personality and create stories through toys with different styles, so that everyone can feel identified with one of their figures.

The recent version of the inclusive Barbie was highly applauded by many people on social networks, who celebrated the brand for creating toys that represent all people. However, a few others were not very happy with the result and said they could have put more effort into the traits, so the company removed the information from the website.

Source: Okchicas

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