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Bari, teacher injured in class: 14 days of suspension and 5 on conduct for students

The teacher injured in Bari had said he would not report the boys who shot him. However, there were disciplinary measures. The two boys will be suspended for two weeks and will have five criminal charges for the first quarter.

The two boys are the 17 year old who on September 29th, at the Romanazzi technical institute in Bari, he fired a compressed air gun against a teacher, Pasquale Pellicani and his schoolmate who he had brought the toy gun to school. The affected teacher had said that he would have wanted the boys expelled in recent days. There was no such provision.

What will the courses against gender violence be like at school?
According to a survey, over 70% of parents and students would like space for sexual, sentimental and gender education in classrooms. Lessons against gender violence should arrive this school year. The Donnexstrada association has a project ready

The Minister of Education Valditara took the opportunity to reiterate the need for rigorous measures against violence and bullying. «The affair confirms how urgent it is to affirm the principle that a teacher must be respected in any case and that any offense or violence will be sanctioned effectively. The culture of rules and respect must start from school.”

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Bullying in Italy: There is no such thing as a bad bully
While the Minister of Education was thinking about humiliation to straighten out those who stray, we met the stragglers. And we understood one thing: inside the bully there is always an erupting volcano. Which must be turned off, with a lot of empathy

«The reform of the conduct vote and of the suspension institution goes precisely in this direction. Now it is necessary for Parliament to approve it quickly. It is no coincidence that in the Council of Ministers we envisaged the emergency procedure. We must not leave “bully” students at home but help them concretely understand the mistakes made and the duties that come from belonging to a community».

Source: Vanity Fair

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