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There is a Tinder subscription reserved for a few

There is something new announced a few days ago that could please the most demanding “tinderini”. Tinder Selectin fact, is a new type of subscription provided by the most popular dating app in the world which offers access to different exclusive features but only for a few.

What is Tinder Select

If the Plus, Gold and Platinum solutions are not enough to find your soul mate, it will soon be possible to do so by taking advantage of a series of “ultra premium” functions, however reserved only for a very small segment of users: according to what is reported on the support pages of Tinder, in fact, less than 1% of users will be able to access Select.

Only available through the Tinder app and not from the web version of the service, the benefits provided are different: for example, registered members will be able to send a message even before making a match or «jump the queue» and scale other requests as it allows people who are left a like see the complete profile in the likes received screen and ensure that it remains visible among the top for 7 days from the moment the like is placed. And again, Select subscribers will have the opportunity to access the latest news early compared to other users e show a special badge on your profile to stand out from other members.

The waiting list

To take advantage of these exclusive advantages it is essential to join one waiting list: to request inclusion – we are not currently accepting new requests – you must have a profile that meets the system requirements 5-Point Select Screen and what he has 5 interests selected, at least 4 photosthe verification tick, a selected answer to the function Here for it’s a bio composed of at least 15 characters.

Once the request is completed, the service team will review the profile and send feedback on the decision made: if positive, you will receive an in-app message and an email containing a unique unlock code accompanied by the instructions to follow to complete the registration.

Watch your wallet

And although overcoming this stage is not so simple, there is a further obstacle because registration is not that accessible from an economic point of view: how reported from Bloomberg and other authoritative sources, Tinder Select predicts a cost of $499 per month. An amount of around 6 thousand dollars a year to gain access to a series of VIP features: will it really be convenient to support such a large expense to make new meetings?

Source: Vanity Fair

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