Home Politics Baronovsky: Canceling next year’s Carnival is “prudent and cautious”

Baronovsky: Canceling next year’s Carnival is “prudent and cautious”

Baronovsky: Canceling next year’s Carnival is “prudent and cautious”

In the frame Freedom of Opinion this Friday (24), the commentator Ricardo Baronovsky said that the cancellation of the Carnival party in 2022 would be “prudent and cautious”, in accordance with what should govern public health.

With the advance of the Ômicron variant of the new coronavirus and the new influenza influenza outbreak, several sectors have moved to reassess operations at the beginning of next year.

The government of Bahia, headed by Rui Costa (PT), for example, chose to cancel the 2022 Carnival party on the morning of last Thursday (23). In an interview with CNN, the governor said that holding the revelry “would be irresponsible”, considering that there was, from November to December, a 50% jump in the number of Covid-19 patients in hospital beds.

The City of São Paulo also announced the cancellation of 24 street blocks due to the explosion of flu-like symptoms.

Baronovsky considers the movement in line with the principles of precaution and prudence.

“We are in a good moment, but it is a very serious and uncertain disease. We need to have a memory. What happened in October 2020 was that the numbers were also favorable and the news was that ‘the pandemic was under control’. Here comes the peak in 2021 as the worst wave we’ve ever had. The country does not deserve a fourth wave”, he said.

The commentator also highlighted the impact of the pandemic on the economic sector. According to data from the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel), more than half of the companies in the country are in debt.

“Although Carnival generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs, those who will pay the bill for an eventual fourth wave are commerce and workers,” said Baronovsky.

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Thiago Anastácio and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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Reference: CNN Brasil



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