Home Top News Barrage of lawsuits against a cryptocurrency trading platform in Turkey

Barrage of lawsuits against a cryptocurrency trading platform in Turkey

Barrage Of Lawsuits Against A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform In Turkey

Thousands of lawsuits filed by Turkish users against the trading platform in cryptocurrencies Thodex as they could not access their accounts or withdraw their money.

The company posted the announcement on its website today, stressing that it will be closed for four to five days, because it is in the process of selling it. Users on Twitter, however, expressed concern that they may have fallen victims of fraud, with their comments being extensively reproduced by Turkish media.

Thodex, as broadcast by the Athens News Agency, stated on its website that the media reports are not true. «World-renowned banks and investment funds, whose names we will announce when the process for the agreement is completed, want to invest in our company and have proposed a long-term partnership. In order to complete this process, the transactions must be stopped and the sale process must be completed “, he noted.

Turkey bans use of crypto assets for payments

Last week, Turkey banned the use of crypto assets for payments – one of the factors that led to a 14% drop in the bitcoin price over the weekend. The Turkish central bank cited “irreversible” losses and trading risks as reasons for the ban.

Lawyer Oguz Evren Kilic said he received an order from users on Wednesday and that they had filed a lawsuit on behalf of several people in Ankara. He also noted that thousands of others across the country have filed lawsuits. “It is not clear where this is headed. There are thousands lawsuits “made from many parts of Turkey,” he told Reuters, adding that the platform has 400,000 users, of whom 391,000 are active.

The CEO of Thodex has left the country

Kilic said a preliminary police investigation showed that Thodex CEO Fatih Ozer had left the country from Istanbul airport on Tuesday afternoon. “We will immediately file a lawsuit in court for consumer disputes. “The two proceedings – lawsuits and lawsuits – will proceed at the same time,” he said.

A prosecutor’s office in Istanbul said it had launched an investigation into Thodex over allegations that the platform had led to “grief for many citizens”. Users complained that Ozer may have taken with them their money, which is used for trading on the platform, when he left the country.

Kilic said concerns about user fraud could have been avoided with regulations, but the type bans imposed by the central bank would not be a solution. “We have said in meetings with various state authorities that there should be a law on digital assets and that there should be legal regulation,” he said.



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