‘Battle’ of Greek shipowners for three ships worth $ 120 million.

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By George George

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The competition between Greek and foreign shipping interests was intense for three bulk carriers, which were put up for sale in the last days.

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Initially, the focus was on a large capesize bulk carrier under construction in Japan, with a capacity of 180,000 dwt, which will be ready in March 2022. The steamer is said to be designed in line with environmental regulations. It is unknown at this time which company ordered the ship.

Ship broker tells Capital.gr that 5-6 offers were submitted, including from the Greek Minerva Marine by Andreas Martinou and Samos Steamship, interests of the Iglesi family. At the same time, Hong Kong-based Ocean Longevity and American JP Morgan are reportedly interested.

According to two different shipping sources, the ship ended up in Ocean Longevity for $ 58 million. However, the Banchero Costa report states that a ship of similar specifications – most likely the same – was given to Maran Dry, the group’s dry cargo arm, in the interests of Maria Angelikoussi for $ 59 million.

In any case, the price is close to market levels for a resale agreement of a capesize ship. Such a deal is currently valued at $ 60.5 million.

Two smaller steamers changed owner

At the same time, freight brokers report that two smaller bulk carriers, handysize type, “Fragrant Athena” (capacity 38,131 dwt and built in 2020 in Japan) and “Dry Beam Neo” (capacity 38,180 dwt and built in 2019 in Japan) also attracted the attention of shipowners. . The two steamers were reportedly under the control of Swiss Nova Marine Carriers.

Most freight forwarding reports connected the two modern steamers with a Greek buyer. Ship broker tells Capital.gr that Nikola Martinou’s Thenamaris and a smaller Greek shipping company, Tri Bulk Shipping, were interested and probably the latter included them in its fleet, paying a total of $ 60 million. A representative of the company, with whom Capital.gr spoke, did not confirm the transaction. According to its website, Tri Bulk manages seven smaller bulk carriers.

The final price is in line with market levels. It is noted that various freight brokers point out that the ships have ready charters. Allied says it will be chartered until March 2022, while Intermodal notes that one ship will be chartered until March, for $ 26,000 a day, and the other until May, for $ 29,750 a day.

The “x-ray” of the market

Transactions in the used dry bulk carrier market reached record levels this year.

Greeks have spent the most money on second hand bulk carriers. As of November 21, they had purchased a total of 210 such steamers for $ 3.69 billion, according to Allied Shipbroking. The Chinese spent more than $ 3 billion on 217 ships.

At the same time, the values ​​of cargo ships continue to rise. The largest increase on a monthly basis was recorded by the 15-year-old supramaxes, whose price stood at $ 16.5 million on October 15 and on November 19 “climbed” to $ 17.5 million (increase of 6.1%).

Fares, despite the significant correction of the previous period, remain at healthy levels. In fact, most Greek shipowners are optimistic about market prospects.

“Despite short-term volatility, our overall market valuation remains constructive. Strong global growth and rising infrastructure spending have led to a healthy rise in demand for goods, combined with a record low in the New Ship order book. create favorable long-term dynamics for our industry “commented recently the CEO of Star Bulk Carriers, Petros Pappas, in the context of the results of the third quarter of the listed company.

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Source From: Capital

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