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BBB 24: check out the highlights of the party that took place this Saturday (20)

This Saturday (20), BBB24 participants enjoyed the fourth party of the edition, which was filled with funk with performances by DJ Marlboro, Tati Quebra Barraco and Valesca Popozuda.

In addition to enjoying the shows, which brought together Rio funk classics such as “Boladona” and Beijinho no Ombro”, there was also a lot of conversation about the dynamics of the game. Check out the highlights from the last Big Brother Brasil party below.

Not everyone enjoyed the party

Some participants gave their all on the dance floor, such as Luigi and Beatriz, who once again stole the attention with their excitement, even doing a somersault to the sound of “Descontroladas”.

On the other hand, Rodriguinho remained seated during the presentations. At a certain point, Valesca Popozuda presented a new song to the brothers and approached a sofa where the participant was. Rodriguinho gets up quickly and waves, which has repercussions on social media.

Davi and Yasmin talk about “dirty game”

During a conversation that took place in the kitchen between Davi and Yasmin, the app driver gave some warnings to the Camarote model. Talking about the “dirty game” that takes place between the brothers of the fourth gnome, the participant quotes Rodriguinho and tells his sister to be “careful not to get lost”.

Davi also revealed that he was sure he had received a vote from Yasmin, but ruled out any hurt feelings. The sister still questions whether Davi wants to put the Cabins on the wall and he denies it. After the chat, Yasmin shares with Wanessa what she talked to Davi and admits to being afraid that he is right.

Speaking with Wanessa, Yasmin still recalls a conversation she had with ex-BBB Lucas Pizane, when he revealed that he had heard comments from other boys about the sisters' bodies. Wanessa points out that they will never know what was said, while her friend questions why they are hiding certain conversations from the two.

Wanessa then remembers that Nizam told her: “He said: 'who is pretty?'. 'Would you stay with this person?”, but Yasmin insists that it wasn't just that: “And Pizane said it wasn't. Pizane told me that it was heavy, sexual and that he didn’t even want to do it again.”

Next steps

In conversation with Giovanna and Michel, MC Bin Laden revealed that he no longer wants to get involved in trouble on the program. He also added that he prefers not to know what is going on in the house, to avoid being at the center of any disagreement.

Davi also talked about the game again, this time with Isabelle and shared that he really wants to win the Leader's Test to know where he is getting votes from. The sister mentions that he must already be suspicious, but the driver states that he wants to use the Leader Center – a device that provides privileged information about the game.

Vinicius, in turn, mentioned being the “gourmet popcorn” as he considered himself the weakest Camarote in the edition. In addition to thinking he will receive the next punishment from the monster, the brother shares: “They are afraid of me. They want to take away a Cabin and will immediately target the weakest.”

This Sunday (21) the fourth elimination of the program takes place. Vote in the poll CNN to indicate who do you want to remain on the reality show.

Meet the BBB 24 participants

Source: CNN Brasil

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