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BBB 24: Wanessa calls Davi a “kid” amid the widespread fight

A general fight weighed on the atmosphere of the BBB 24 in the early evening of this Wednesday (28). Moments before the leader's party Beatrice a discussion between Yasmin Brunet It is Alane made it Wanessa Camargo It is David if they disagreed.

It all started this morning, when the model took a very serious punishment for not performing the X-ray within the established time. Aware that her sister planned to take the house to “Tá com Nada”, Alane criticized the participant’s stance.

With accusations flying everywhere, Yasmin was amused to see that the dancer was punished after the clash between the two, something that made Alane even more angry.

At this moment, Vanessa came out in defense of his ally and accused the woman from Pará of being one of the people who receives the most punishment in the house. “But she did it on purpose,” argued the dancer.

“I recognize my mistake. With all due respect, I would never do that on purpose. I will never agree with someone wanting to take their entire house to Tá Com Nada. I don’t agree,” Alane said.

While the singer defended Yasmin, Davi appeared in the middle of the discussion to ask Zezé Di Camargo's daughter to calm down — which caused Wanessa to completely freak out.

“Don't you talk the way you want to everyone? I also speak however I want! You make everyone mad, then when I talk a little loudly sitting here, calm down? Don't talk calm to me, okay? Thank you”, said the singer.

At this moment, Wanessa Camargo took the opportunity to express all her discomfort with the participant, citing her brother's singing and the moments when he shouts at other people.

Trying to remain calm, Davi avoided direct eye contact with the artist, only asking her to press the button or take the leader's test to try to get him out of the house.

You are a brat ! You're a 20-year-old kid, a kid!” Wanessa was indignant, guaranteeing that she wouldn't press the quit button because of her rival.

“You are so fake that when I came back from the wall, you came here to hug me. He was afraid that I would win the leader’s test and put him on the wall”, replied Davi.

“He is very rude! I'm polite to him. I'm holding back because my kids are watching. He's a brat. He knows nothing about my life. What am I doing here? What am I doing here?” said the sister, completely outraged.

Source: CNN Brasil

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