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“The Passion of GH”: film inspired by the work of Clarice Lispector gets teaser

Paris Filmes released, this Wednesday (28), the teaser for “The Passion of GH” story produced from the author’s work Clarice Lispector directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho and starring Maria Fernanda Cândido .

The new film is inspired by the work “A Paixão Segundo GH”, a novel published by Clarice Lispector in 1964. The plot of the book deals with a woman identified only by the initials GH, who, after firing her maid and trying to clean her room, reports the loss of individuality after crushing a cockroach on a wardrobe door. The next day she narrates her own impotence in writing the episode.

“GH was a woman who lived well. She lived in the superlayer of the world's sands. GH lived on the top floor of a superstructure, and even though it was built in the air, it was a solid building. And this had been happening for centuries. And she worked. Nobody said no; it was right”, says the teaser description made by Paris Filmes.

The film hits theaters on March 28 this year.

Watch the teaser for “The Passion of GH”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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