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Cheats on wife of 12 years and is proud – 'School mums are perfect targets'

A married man father claims that he did not stop for a moment to he's cheating his wife of 12 years, while he not only feels proud, but also hesitates at the idea that he might be noticed.

The man wrote anonymously to The Sunemphasizing that he never flirts with female teachers of children, whatever the circumstances, because “they are workers who try to do their best». But the same is not true for mothers whose children go to school.

Mothers are the easiest target, especially when we are waiting at the gate for the children to go to school. Most they have forgotten love and sexwhile they are trapped in their marriage”, he noted in the article.

At the same time, he claimed that he is currently talking to three women, while he added for himself that “some might claim I'm a sociopath. Others may call me a legend. But I'm neither. I'm just an ordinary personwhich at best I get 7 out of 10. I'm not rich or handsome».

Thus, he constantly flirts with mothers of other children and claims to have slept with several of them, while he calls his wife and mistresses “baby” so that there is no confusion and his secret life is revealed.

“How can I resist, when so many women have their eyes on me?”, he claimed and noted that if the wife finds out at some point, he himself will be sad, but he will not regret anything.

Source: News Beast

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